Sometimes you don’t even realize it. A force out of nowhere says come with me child. Take my hand. As you are led along small tears leak from your aged eyes. What is this? What is this all about? To late they are streaming now. All you can do is follow along and…


After dinner I kicked back in my recliner and started checking out Adele’s new album and came across her song Hold On and it all got teary from there. I connected to it very much and sent a link out to my daughter, Allie, who is now living in North Carolina with her boyfriend. Very very far away from me in Colorado. Sending each other YouTube links stems from when she was younger we’d play YouTube pass around where each person gets to play one of their favorite songs. Allie and I have always connected and bonded over music. She probably knows more classic rock info then most folks. This is another game we’d play. What song is it and what band?

So next I was led to Pachelbel’s Canon after hearing part of it in a van lifers video of all things. I didn’t know the name of it so I just typed in instrumental wedding songs and after a few clicks I found it. It’s definitely a beautiful life song and makes me take a deep breath and sink deep within. As I listened, I played in my mind my movie roll of Allie and I.

This brought me to being led to this Post where I describe going to her choir concerts. At this point I had to put the iOfpad down and say enough for now.

It’s Friday night. I’m sober. I’m cleansed. And I miss my Allie oh so much. Yep one more tear.

It’s beautiful being human. Much love to you all❤️


4 responses to “HOLD ON”

  1. Oh my gosh this really hit home! So my youngest daughter which is a senior in high school and I love to blast music when we go anywhere. My oldest is second year in college but they are only 1.5 years apart and since she went to college my senior has been my sidekick wherever I go. So today we are going to get groceries and other errands. We have started listening to cd’s again as the radio is boring us. I told her I hope to get Adele’s new cd today! We love to blast her previous one. Then I read your blog. I think it’s so cool you and your daughter connect so well with music. Music is huge in my family. My dad has always played drums in either old school country or classic rock hometown bands and he’s 77 now and still subs in our local bands! My mom always gets called up to sing. We just grew up with music and it’s a huge part of our lives still. Anyway, I am rambling but I was super excited when I read your blog! So sorry you miss your daughter so, but so happy the bond you two have. I can tell you a daddy/daughter bond is like no other! Have a great day Dwight, you made mine great! ☺️

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      1. Right on. So glad you can relate, Jackie❤️. So neat your folks were active in music! 😎🎶🎤🥁

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  2. I’ve been teary of late too, Dwight. Unexpected cleansing of the soul and heartstrings, a clearing of emotions long kept bottled up for too long and the expulsion of bittersweet memories to the ether so that I can move along with ease into the rest of my life. I love this ritual you have with Ally. It’s so sweet! Now I have to go check out Adele’s new album. Thank you for telling me 🥰

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