Creating a sacred space in my mind

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I’ve often read about creating sacred spaces in homes with some sort of shrine like area or just a special nook you can claim and arrange that brings you peace. I started thinking about what if I did the same thing with my mind? I could be physically anywhere and could reach the power of freedom within.

Many may be saying I do this everyday when I meditate, but I guess what I’m thinking about is going beyond that and truly dedicating a permanent location within my mind as a sacred place. I don’t need to sit or breathe a specific way. I’m even going to the level of being able to point to the physical location. Envisioning for me is key.

So let me backup and explain where this is all coming from. We all know we have thousands of thoughts per day. Most of these thoughts originate from our domestication process growing up from family, teachers, friends, religions, politics, society, country, … They are so ingrained within us we don’t even question them until one day if we’re lucky sparks begin to cross within our mind and glimmers of awakenings start to show up raising their hand saying hold up I don’t think that thought is true and I’d like to explore this more.

Before that glimmer can completely speak its mind though the collective smothers it in fear it will spread like a virus. There’s rules we have grownup with and we’ve been hammered on that without rules there will be chaos! The glimmer is pushed down immediately and the spark is doused. This goes on in the background within our mind unconsciously because at this point we haven’t built a new neural network to fight back. Sure we might catch a few of the conditioned thoughts that no longer work for us, but we can’t catch them all.

This is where creating a sacred space within my mind comes into place. Like growing a new muscle I’m starting slow. Especially with the collective mind where it will definitely see this space as a threat and want to remove it immediately. Best to start under the radar if you will.

So what’s my sacred space within my mind starting to look like?

  • It has thick walls like a fortress or a cave
  • It has an entry point to my mind within the back part of my brain
  • The temperature is comfortable on the cool size
  • There is complete silence. The collective isn’t heard or allowed entry
  • The space is calm and safe
  • I have immediate access

The key for me is to travel there as soon as I see the first spark. Sitting in this space allows me to look at the particular thought and determine if it’s actually “true”. Let’s say I determine it’s not true. I may come to this space with the same thought a minute, hour, day, …later and come to the same conclusion. Each time this muscle reconnects with my soul and gets stronger. The glimmers shine here. The pathway extends further into the network.

Not sure if any of that made sense or if anyone could relate, but I put it out here to take as you will. We don’t have to believe everything our mind spreads. We can rewire our mind. We can change and grow.



* I’ve just started this …work in progress

18 responses to “Creating a sacred space in my mind”

  1. Excellent post Dwight! I just started looking into doing something similar. Take a look at ‘Unified Mindfulness.’ 💚

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    1. Thanks, Barb. Will do.

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      1. You are welcome Dwight.


  2. Another great post, Dwight. I know there are a lot of thoughts that I let slide through my mind everyday, but I think I have always been pretty good at feeling what is true (to me). As a tot, I can remember thinking some (a lot) of things just couldn’t be right. (Religion stuff, medical stuff, people stuff). Not sure that makes sense but it’s definitely something I want to give more conscious thought to.

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    1. Thank you, Anne. It definitely takes work.

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  3. I was thinking of doing the same! I find myself ruminating as soon as my eyes open in bed and then it’s difficult to move forward. I think that’s when I get most stuck and it can dictate how my day goes. If I could move somewhere else, cosy but not so much I can’t move on, and quiet, where I can actually observe my thinking and decide if I let it continue or if I leave it behind.

    The research shows moving into another location, through a barrier or a door can jolt your thinking. Maybe that’s what I need. Set my alarm earlier, and find my space to get prepared to take on the day!

    Lovely post. Intrigued to hear more 💕💕

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    1. You are so right on, Claire! I can completely relate. I have to catch those thoughts and remind myself, “I’m driving the bus today”! 🤗

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      1. I love that .. I am driving this god damn bus! 🤗

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  4. Hey you! I absolutely love this idea! I’ve read about how someone once put things in a fancy trunk in her brain and shut and locked the trunk but creating a sacred space as you described seems a lot more of a peaceful way to handle it. It also would be a delightful place to go to. 😍 You my dear friend have influenced me to be a much better human and I’m eternally grateful for you and our friendship! ❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻

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    1. Thank you, Jackie. Right back at you. I so look up to you🤗

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  5. Thank you for this post Dwight! I also need to find a sacred space. There are so many things to worry about and perseverate on and I find myself thinking negative/stressful/challenging thoughts from the moment I wake up every day. I love the idea of a sacred space within myself. Thank you!

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  6. Love this Dwight ! I’ve been doing this but not to determine whether a thought is true or not (just to have a safe space I can go to in my mind – in hypnotherapy training they helped us make this mental space feel extra vivid with lots of images/sounds/smells you add to it 🙂 ) xxx Anne

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    1. I like that extra vivid addition. Thanks, Anne

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  7. Nice post Dwight! Having your sacred place is definitely cool. For mine it is not just the place but I have a rad journey to it (mine is underground). It’s a fun thing to do!

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    1. Thank you. Right on! It sounds similar to a shamanic journey?


  8. yes, yes, and yes.. i swear we live in parallel universes…haha.. that space, just wow. I can even see your space from mine. I think it’s totally valid to create and visualize a permanent realm, and to make sure all the bases are covered so that each of our human senses and supernatural senses are acknowledged. Way cool:)

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