Sunday Hug

Pretty raw and scary maybe with no shower, no tidying up, just me on a Sunday morning thinking of you all and this beautiful world and just wanting to do something…something that may help.

So here it is a raw genuine hug full of so much love and reassurance that WE will persevere and become globally united with much love and light for EVERYONE.

One thing we all can do is never stop giving love…never!

Hugs to you all my super heroes❤️

Rise uP🤗

Today I Rise because of You

This is for the women I am so fortunate to follow and who follow and support me in this WordPress space. I’m in awe of you and the strength and determination you possess . I read your journeys and applaud your great strides and also cry with your sorrows. So many times all you want…all you want is just someone to acknowledge you. Someone once just to say nice job I’m PROUD of you. I hear it in your words and I am sad this is the case that it hasn’t occurred. The next reading though you have wiped your tears, pulled your shoulders up and back, and started marching forward again. It just amazes me! I’m grateful and honored with your support, and I send my support right back to you! You are the beautiful souls in this video. Keep rising❤️

In case the video says unavailable, search Today I Rise on YouTube.