Debt 2: Let’s chat

Sipping my morning coffee, I was told it needs to be a light week. (Code words for very little in the checkbook.)

Don’t use that card, use the gold card in the back of your wallet. (Ugh)

“This” is becoming a bit blah. Conversations, sparks, activities are getting to be nil. …Let’s move and buy a new place. Excellent. Let the planning begin. (Oh and possibly the loss of money spent here and of course biggering and spending more)

Sorry mom and dad, the family and I aren’t going to be able to visit after all. Work is just real crazy right now…we understand they say, maybe next year. (In reality there’s just no funds for four plane tickets and boarding the dogs for a week, but boy…I’m sure glad I spent all that money on remodels. I’ll surely treasure those for the rest of my life.)

It’s that dreaded time of year. THE Debt SpreadSheet is created, presented, and a budget is prepared. Brilliant and we’ll put it up on the wall, update it, and watch it decrease month by month. (The next month the beast of a car breaks, the debt goes up, and the budget is tossed out the window.)

Sit down. We need to talk. (I know.)

Do any of these sound familiar to you? I could of went on and on but you get the point. Life doesn’t have to be this way. Some of you are right in the middle of this storm and you, like I did, aren’t taking this seriously. We say, it’s normal. Everyone’s in debt. I’m in too deep at this point, I’ll just keep limping along making minimum payment. I won’t worry I’m one paycheck away from disaster. I’ll just suck up all the stress it causing in my marriage, with my family, my life. Not to even mention how it’s affecting my health.

Maybe you didn’t like this little talk. Maybe you’ll quickly go to the next post and leave all this debt messiness behind you. But for those of you that are a bit paused right here. Right at this point in your life. This debt stings a bit doesn’t it?

YouTube Adam Baker: Sell your crap. Pay your debt.

Life doesn’t have to be lived this way. You can find freedom from this madness. Next post on debt will be on how to start exploring getting out of debt. If I can get out of debt, so can you!

Head uP – acknowledge your situation,


11 responses to “Debt 2: Let’s chat”

  1. great post Dwight. I hope people out there who need the help and wake-up call will find their way to it. ❤ xxx Anne

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    1. Me too, thanks Anne🤗

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  2. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    This is right on and so important…especially since the economy is tanking due to job loss…debt is not a good place to be. 💕

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    1. I agree. I’ve definitely been building up my emergency fund.


  3. Financial issues are painful for so many. Thank you for your posts on debt. I think a lot of people get in deeper and deeper because they are so embarrassed by the situation they find themselves in that they keep digging a deeper hole to hide from it. A lot of people need to see that it isn’t just them – and that their situation can change if they do what needs to be done.

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    1. Totally agree. Thanks so much for your feedback.

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  4. Mr. UT and I have no big debt! We worked hard to save, and not overbuy or live beyond our means.
    It’s the best feeling ever!

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  5. loving this…ty for re inspiring me. It’s been a long year .so often in my life i have had to sit myself down and commit to/re evaluate/ re-work my finances. I loathe it but ..stupid “adulting”. It’s an ongoing process in this world. Every year is different and what worked last time around my change some what with each re assessment. Kudos and looking forward!

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  6. Love this post Dwight!!


  7. Em / Don't Flinch Avatar
    Em / Don’t Flinch

    Excited for your next post. I want to start being accountable to paying down my husband & my debt on my blog somehow. I’m not sure how to factor it into my usual #mentalillness type posts (though I only have 2 posts so far).


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