2 Years Sober AF!

I couldn’t resist with the AF. Old habits are hard to break.

We must celebrate our victories ❤️

I’m literally sitting here on another sober anniversary photo shoot with my daughter feeling pretty damn happy for what I’m accomplishing and proud. Can you tell by that grin? I’m smiling big on the outside and within. I honestly never thought I’d ever give myself this chance. Sobriety was the magic key to unlock it all.

I’m still unpacking why I needed to escape in the fog for so long, but the greatest truth I discovered so far is now I KNOW I am intended to shine!

To stop, wake up, and FINALLY give myself a chance is priceless!

I thank you all for your wonderful supporting comments and love these last two years. Along the way you have helped me remain steady and to continue on. Each step I smile knowing you are beside me.

You are all Superheroes to me,


No turning back! 💯💪

45 thoughts on “2 Years Sober AF!

  1. Holy freaking AWESOME!! You, this post, your hard work paying off, you shining inside and out, and realizing removing alcohol was the key to it all. Just Awesome, happy 2 years! You deeply inspire me! Your daughter also took some pretty awesome pictures! I thought of alcohol last night after a 10 hour workday. Dismissed it and I’m getting my second cup of coffee at 6:30am this morning. I’m feeling great and so proud of myself I dismissed that thought. Have a kick ass day Dwight! 🙌🏻

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  2. I’m so proud of you, Dwight! And yes, we are ALWAYS by your side. I like how you put it, that you finally gave yourself a chance. That is beautiful and so true. There are a lot of years to unpacked but you have tapped into the love you need to give yourself a peaceful, meaningful life from here on out. No turning back, my friend! I’m grinning for you! Congratulations!!! 💕🌟

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