Sunday morning shower song

Okay my friends…

Really going to challenge myself on this one.

When we face and push through our fears we quickly discover new light, new love, and new growth.

Here you go Super Heroes …a shower song we can sing together. Well maybe like … not “together” cause that might be awkward but ..

I know.. I’m a bit of a nut case! Hope it was able to play on your device.

Keep that love going. Hope you have a great day!


8 responses to “Sunday morning shower song”

  1. Loved this!!! Totally made me smile today. Thank you 😊

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    1. Good deal! I had fun with it😊

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  2. OMG this is freakin’ AWESOME! When you started snapping I could really feel you getting into it! I love what you wrote about together but not together shower singing. Cracked me up!!! Thanks for making my morning! 🎶😃🙌🏻🤩🎶

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it😊

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  3. Going to be humming this all day Dwight! 😘😘

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  4. Keep rocking it, Dwight!🤣🌟👏

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