Going for it – and then there was three (Week 13)

Coolest Father’s Day gift from my daughter! For those who don’t know I’m a huge Who fan. I’ve seen them twice in concert. Had a great day with my kids. We went to an old mining town and had burgers, fries, and cheesecake. The best!

Week 13

So as the title says I’m down to 3 of my original 4 going for it areas. Learning guitar fell of the list. I just didn’t have enough enthusiasm to keep it going. Not upset about it though. You definitely have to try, learn, and adjust in life. So I’m left with improving my fitness, learning to cook, and learning German. Yes, I missed German this week. I can’t tell you enough though how excited and happy I am when I’m outdoors working out. The stress melts away and peace takes over.

Turkey and white bean chili verde. It was so good I had to share.😀

Next weekend the kids and I are heading out to Sandbridge, VA for a family reunion in two beach houses on the ocean. Frickin Yahoooooo🤪. So it may be a bit before I get back on here. The whole damn fam from my 83 mom down to grandkids…everyone. Sending light, love, and hope to all of you.

Take care my friends,


* For a bit of context for my 52 week challenge check out these links – You did the best you could? and Going for it 52 Week Challenge!

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