What I did while being off WordPress for a month

I created two meetup.com groups!

“Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions, together.”

This was a long time coming. I had wanted to do this for a couple years, but just never felt comfortable enough to make it happen. After connecting with such awesome superheroes out here, I started craving for face to face interactions. Just like when I started my blog, I don’t have many folks who actually show up for events, 5 right now, but I’m more then fine with it. I’m better in small groups and that’s 5 more people I can connect to in my circle. I hold one slow walk a week and one fast walk.

The ruck meetup meets my desire to go get my ass kicked! And I love being with those types of folks who can relate with me. So far I have two other folks that have been showing up consistently for it. We actually have one today. 4 miles and it just snowed.

So it’s been a trip stepping out of the online community to my neighborhood community. Each person is so unique and a joy to meet. Just like me they were nervous to show up originally, but after meeting and chatting it up as we ramble down the road we are all smiling when we’re done. I custom built in a slow walk Tuesdays for a couple in their 70s. The wife came the first couple times then got her husband to join. He has a cane and his doc told him this is good for him. It’s a very slow walk, but we get a lot out of it. I love hearing their life stories and also just getting outdoors and connecting with them. Another person who joined actually lives about 6 houses down from my house! It’s a trip.

I use Facebook groups and Nextdoor to advertise the events and that has proven to work well. Originally I built a WordPress site for the walking group, but ended up scrapping that to just use Meetup.com. It seemed more like the right tool for the job and it already has a group of followers who use it to search for local events.

I’m learning a lot and each event I hold I’m getting more comfortable being out of my zone. Just like I’ve learned out here on WP, we actually have a lot more in common then the f’n news tries to depict. To be honest I feel like this type of connecting is what it’s going to take to bring us closer together. The Metaverse scares the hell out of me, and I feel like it’s just going to divide people even more.

Anyway, that’s what I did and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it in future posts. Gotta get some breakfast in me before my ruck!



21 responses to “What I did while being off WordPress for a month”

  1. This is a fantastic idea. Think of all those people you are positively impacting too ♡♡

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    1. Thanks it’s a win for all of us❤️


  2. Hey Dwight! This is awesome! I have started suggesting walks more as a way to connect with people and I love it – I find it easier to relax and talk while walking vs. sitting in one place staring at each other. Even with my husband I find we can have better conversations / I get less annoyed when we are walking. Also, my mom has had a lot of fun with her meetup groups since my Dad died (10 years ago).

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    1. I think so too! You made me laugh with not being as annoyed with your husband … ha😜

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    1. It’s a bunch of fun, thanks Crystal😊

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  3. Good for you, Dwight, for reaching out. And I’m sure it’s good for the people who decided to join you. I hope you will keep having fun.

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  4. Very cool and I’m glad your having so much fun too! I bet everyone looks so forward to it! 😃

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      1. I thought it was so sweet you custom built a slow walk for the couple in their 70’s. For many many years I have taken time to spend time with the elderly in my town. My girls go with me at times as well. I just seem to meet them by chance and next thing I know we are friends. I love hearing their stories too and they also have a vast array of knowledge. Just a few weeks ago my daughter and I met up with an 80 year old neighbor for breakfast. He was so excited! We had fun!

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      2. That’s really cool and bringing the kids even better!

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  5. What a wonderful post. I’ve been offline for a while too, and when I come back, what do I see but this, maybe just what I needed to read. I love that you also made a tailored walking group for people who could maybe use it most. This is so motivating! I’ve been helping facilitate some online groups but have been wanting to start a couple too, perhaps in-person, for people who live in my community. I’m still in the procrastination stage, but this helps inspire me!

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    1. Nadine Nadine!! So great to hear from you my beautiful friend! I miss you. Definitely put a smile on my face and heart. I’m really enjoying it and am getting so much out of it. Hope you are well. 😊❤️🤗🦋

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      1. Thank you dear Dwight!!! You, your blog, and your kind supportiveness are a treasure around here. So grateful for your and its existence!! 🤗🙏💓🌻

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  6. such an awesome idea! meet up groups can be so great- sometimes when my single freinds complain to me that they cant find anyone with common interests i remind them that meet up groups exist for people to interact with other who enjoy common pursuits. Not saying in any way that it should be used as a dating site..lol…just mentioning it because it amazes me how often people forget they exist and meeting people in real life is so important! Great to hear you have spent your time away wisely and productively- i am all about that and those who inspire others to do so ( you!)..hugs and keep on keepin on!

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  7. Congrats! Good for you Dwight! I love to hear this awesome news and how it all unfolds! You’re putting such positive energy out there in this world and we need it! Hugs to you!

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  8. This is inspiring, Dwight. I recently thought about using Meetup but it never occurred to me to start my own group. Kudos to you for branching out.


  9. […] case you weren’t aware, I started a walking group while I was off WordPress for a month last November. To recap just a bit, I used Meetup.com and started scheduling two walks […]


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