It’s a beautiful day! Let me show you around my hood.

Okay before we hit it you got to get your tunes on. Play that funky music.
My humble abode. The Love House.
This has been sitting for at least 5 years. It speaks to me…buy me…let’s go on an adventure.
Peace Baby!
This is Chris’s 1971 VW Bus. Just met him when I was out on the street taking photos. He invited me in for closer shots. Guys love talking about their toys. ✌️❤️
At one time this was the Maytag family summer mountain home.
Cute summer rental.
Town park. What a view, eh?
Dedication to my dad. We called him The Old Dog.😊
Neat mural.
Back in the day the old drive inn was here. Not sure if you can make out the snack bar.
How fun.
Big ass hill that always kicks my ass!
Looks like a cozy place to write or read books all weekend.
I dig it!
Yes, I like old vehicles.😁
On the home stretch…
Always nice to be welcomed home with one of the loves of my life – Mr. B … BoBo … Bubbee … Boris❤️

Hope you enjoyed the walk,