It’s a beautiful day! Let me show you around my hood.

Okay before we hit it you got to get your tunes on. Play that funky music.
My humble abode. The Love House.
This has been sitting for at least 5 years. It speaks to me…buy me…let’s go on an adventure.
Peace Baby!
This is Chris’s 1971 VW Bus. Just met him when I was out on the street taking photos. He invited me in for closer shots. Guys love talking about their toys. ✌️❤️
At one time this was the Maytag family summer mountain home.
Cute summer rental.
Town park. What a view, eh?
Dedication to my dad. We called him The Old Dog.😊
Neat mural.
Back in the day the old drive inn was here. Not sure if you can make out the snack bar.
How fun.
Big ass hill that always kicks my ass!
Looks like a cozy place to write or read books all weekend.
I dig it!
Yes, I like old vehicles.😁
On the home stretch…
Always nice to be welcomed home with one of the loves of my life – Mr. B … BoBo … Bubbee … Boris❤️

Hope you enjoyed the walk,


Peace & Love

Happy Friday, Super Heroes!

Just wanted to send out some peace and love to all. Life can knock us down and toss us around at times, but we always have the choice to get back up and take a step forward. One thing I’ve picked up on this year is to stop ruminating on the why’s of life. For many years that was a major part of my life and nightly practices. Occasionally it might provide some answers or possible insights, but usually I’d find myself going down rabbit holes and sinking more into sadness and depression.

Lately, I’m using more of a what approach to life. What happened? What actions occurred? What did I do? What did life do? How did I interpret it? What can I learn from it? What can I do at this very moment to take a small step FORWARD?

We’ve got an amazing super power within called love! It never fails! Look and reach within and you will find this amazing light and peace❤️

Big hugs,


Womens Forest Trail

I changed it up this past weekend and went on a leisurely hike of the Womens Forest Trail in Divide, Colorado. It’s a 5.1 loop with an elevation gain of 324ft. Just a wonderful hike to reconnect with nature.

When I got home I tried to lookup this women’s club and couldn’t find anything on the web. I put out a post on a local Facebook group and Bonnie Fischel did find this Link on the history of the group, but no mention on the specifics of the creation of this area/trail. While reading about the history, I discovered CFCW was established in 1895. I couldn’t agree more with this last paragraph from the link:

The position of women in society has drastically changed since the beginning of the CFWC. Women’s clubs throughout history have served to provide a place for women to establish common goals and reinforce common values. Together they have facilitated the advancement of women in society and continue to preserve that legacy.”

Here in the United States and a few other countries, the month of March is designated Women’s History Month. It highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. In honor of this not only do I want to thank these forward thinking women for allowing future generations to enjoy this spectacular area, but I also have these two women that I want to celebrate as strong role models in my history and society. The spread of love and compassion is just priceless.. You can read about them from my prior blog posts:

What women would you highlight?