Don’t jump into your sh*t!

We don’t have to jump into our thoughts.

Just because it paints a vivid picture and tries to suck us in we do have the option to say no and just let it pass.

It is definitely tricky though and you must remain alert.

Train yourself to Witness your thoughts and become the observer and not become them.

For too long they have been spreading nonsense that just isn’t true or healthy.

Think about it. Is the thought true?

You are perfect – whole – complete.

Dwight 🦋

4 responses to “Don’t jump into your sh*t!”

  1. Our thoughts may be the sum of the knowledge we think that we have and the information (or lack thereof) we believe that we have heard.

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  2. I love this Dwight! I also love the title, will remember that as I am being the observer. You Rock! 🤩

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  3. Yes! There are days when I definitely have to tell myself to observe only, get through it safely, and see how tomorrow is. For sure. 🤗

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