I have a bit of a fascination with dragons, so when I saw this photo out on castelliditalia’s site on Instagram I was in awe.

I’m all about understanding we must tend to our dragons. One way or another they won‘t remain hidden for long. Try as you might they will eventually arrive at your front door. For years, I could hear the wings flapping and smell the smoke long before my dragon arrived and pounced. Often it came as depression. I would be out for days laying in bed with a pillow over my head.

I don’t look at my dragon these days with as much fear. Actually when it arrives in whatever “fear/form”, I now sit with it with love, listen, and remain open to learn. For when the dragon comes, it’s our soul in disguise saying we need to talk.


Help your dragon bask in the beautiful light!


To learn more about The Vaia Dragon:

Artist Marco Martalar Collects Fallen Trees To Build Powerful Dragon Sculpture

10 responses to “Dragons”

  1. “For when the dragon comes, it’s our soul in disguise saying we need to talk.” What a powerful and true statement. I’m going to remember that one. Also-yeah that first dragon picture is absolutely amazing! Have a great day Dwight!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Danielle.

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  2. Beautiful post! And beautiful sculpture, thanks for sharing the link to this artist. How wonderful.

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    1. Thanks, I thought it was so neat too😊


  3. dragons dragons everywhere…they are so magnificent. I still love the line in chamelot about lying in the arms of the sleeping dragon:)


  4. My soul needs to talk. 🙄


  5. I was looking to see what new information I might find on literal dragons but this is a new interpretation I quite enjoyed. I often refer to such feelings and emotions as my demons but dragons are an infinitely more welcome image. Also, as a couple people have already commented, that first image is quite stunning – and partially the reason I ended up coming to this article. haha

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Naomi. Glad you enjoyed it😊

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