Back To Eden

Every July I try to take this hike. It’s from Green Mountain Falls, CO up to Catamount reservoir. Along the way you pass through the Garden of Eden Meadow.

Just gorgeous:

Green Mountain Falls, CO
Catamount Reservoir – Pikes Peak, Colorado
Michael behind me, then my son Bob

Great getting out with these two. Michael just got out of the Army after 4 years and two tours to Kuwait. I’m proud and grateful for his service.

Go hike!


8 responses to “Back To Eden”

  1. Very awesome and gorgeous!! Your smile says it all! 😍

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  2. beautiful photos- so glad you got out to enjoy nature! Its been a hot beast here, but i still try to get out when i them smiles!

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  3. Thank you for sharing, Dwight. Stunning scenery! You made my day. 🥰

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Anne😊


    2. Anne I wanted to personally invite you to my personal volley page. I have one other person, Jackie, on it with me and we use it for accountability mostly around our workouts and wellness. I really think you’d get a kick out of it and enjoy the accountability, It’s that extra motivation having a team cheering you on every day. There’s no cost just need to create an account =>

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      1. Thank you, Dwight! That is so cool of you to invite me. I will do it for sure.

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  4. Good for you Dwight. I haven’t made it up that trail for a number of years, and I miss it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful impressions from along the way.
    Happy hiking,


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