Hello, My Friends

Let’s goooooo!

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Just wanted to come out, say hello, and let you know how things in my world are going.

I’m continuing with my fitness endeavors which now entails going to a gym with a trainer 3 times a week, 3 solo workouts at home, and daily checkins with the best support buddies in The World – Anne and Jackie! I’m really digging having a trainer that can provide variety on my workouts and help me do the proper form. Something about being in a gym that definitely makes me work harder. Also, just bought some running shoes yesterday and will be doing some 5 and 10K races this year.

In an effort to explore connecting with other men in regards to our mental health, I did a 3 week introductory mens circle with the Mankind Project. It was fascinating on how much we have in common and how much easier it is for men to share when it’s a safe environment. I was hoping there would be a local group I could join in person but there’s not. I’m still deciding if I want to join one of their online weekly groups.

Been dialing in on a van to buy to convert into a camper van. I’ll purchase one this year for sure, but I need to pay off two bills first. This is super exciting and will be a dream come true. Can’t wait to get out and create some adventures.

Lastly, drum roll ……I signed up with eHarmony. Can you believe it? After being divorced for 7 years, I finally feel like I’ve worked through most of my crap and am ready to start sharing my life with someone special. Working from home and being more of a homebody doesn’t present many opportunities to meet folks. I’m also going to do more Meetups, so hopefully one of those routes work out. For privacy reason, I won’t be going into details but I thought I’d let you know.


That’s it for now. So very happy and excited to see many of my favorite peeps starting new sober journeys. That makes me heart smile! I feel we’re all going to have a great year!!!


Dwight 🦋

22 responses to “Hello, My Friends”

  1. I hope your wishes and goals for the new year will come true, Dwight!
    All the best,

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  2. What great news all around!!
    Looking good!!
    When you get your camper, drive up here!
    We will show you around!

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  3. This is fabulous … I’m so excited for you. I feel this is going to be a super year for you Dwight my friend! Some lovely lady will be really lucky to meet you ❤️

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    1. Thanks so much, Claire

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  4. Yes, ditto to what Claire said. You’re a catch, Dwight! We are going to all have a great year! 😁

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    1. You’re too kind, Leafy😊❤️

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  5. Yaaaaay Dwight ! Oh and I am seriously impressed by how much you’re exercising ! That’s a LOT of working out 🙂 xxx Anne

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    1. Thanks for your support, Anne❤️

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  6. I’m so super excited for you! It cracked me up what Allie said as that’s exactly what my girls would say! You’re on 🔥my dear friend! I’m so lucky to have you in my life!! ❤️🙌🏻❤️

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  7. Doing great! I met my current husband online 4 years ago. The process can be a real mindf*ck. Overwhelming to sort through the people, lots of highs and lows – optimism, then disappointment. But you DO seem like a catch, so try not to take it too seriously!

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    1. Thanks so much I’ll keep that in mind😜😊


  8. Love it all, Dwight! Cannot wait to see your year playout. BTW – You clean up great. If that is your official profile pic, you will be Harmonizing with someone special in no time. 🤗

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    1. Thank you my friend😊. I’m nervous excited which is always a good sign for me.


      1. I think that’s a good sign for anyone. 😉


  9. i always miss so much when i’m not on here for awhile..great job! I am excited to watch this year as you continue to grow and expand in all good ways! woot! woot!

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  10. Hello there 😃😃😃😃

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  11. You look great my friend. 😀😎


    1. Thank you❤️🤗😊


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