Going for it – Finding a pace (Week 5)

For a bit of context for my 52 week challenge check out these links – You did the best you could? and Going for it 52 Week Challenge!

If all else fails, persistence prevails!

Lew Hollander, Iron Man (90 years old)

Nothing but crickets out here on blogland😀. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring.

At week 5, I’m just now settling in and finding my pace. I usually have two days a week where I’m “off” and being all human like if you know what I mean. Lovie had a great post this week on ego depletion and that definitely shed some light on how at times I can fluctuate between being on and off so much. When it comes to doing unfamiliar tasks I get depleted quickly, and most of my day at work is doing just that trying to figure things out using new technologies. I’m a web/mobile application developer. When I’m done each day at 4 I’m mentally fatigued, so working on learning guitar and cooking doesn’t usually happen. Makes perfect sense.

On another note, Last Friday I started tracking everything I eat in a day. As you already know when you track anything it becomes very eye opening. I’m not doing it to beat up on myself or to shame myself; I’m just doing it to learn my patterns, what I’m eating, and to identify my particular emotions at the time. More to come on this in future posts.

Week 5

Starting into this whole going for it endeavor, I vowed to be open throughout and try new things along the way. I joined Hello Fresh to try new foods/recipes and this is my first meal I cooked – chicken in Dijon sauce. It was nice having all the ingredients right there and learning how to make the sauces and using different items in the salad. It ended up tasting great. I think I’ll continue with Hello Fresh for a couple of months and then end the subscription. Not digging how environmentally unfriendly it is with the shipping and all the packaging plus the costs. It’s a great jump start though!

Bada boom bada bing!


My little partner, Miss Daisy, stayed with me this weekend.😊

Keep persistent my friends,


17 responses to “Going for it – Finding a pace (Week 5)”

  1. “Nothing but crickets out here on blogland” – it definitely feels that way some days doesn’t it Dwight! 😂 Love the post… that beautiful meal picture is making me drool. But I hear you, I am not a fan of overpackaging either. Miss Daisy is very cute 🤗 and so is the guy behind the chair by the looks of it. :)) Much love xoxoxo

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    1. lol..yes i noticed the moose right away as well!

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    2. Thank you, Nadine. I never thought I’d ever be taking food photos but here I am. Yes, makes me smile every day😀

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  2. i check through my reader pretty much everyday, and have noted the same thing..trying to work up to a decent post here soon. I am definitely finding that working through only 2-3 goals at a time and keeping any other ones not on the “priority” list has helped with my guilt/anxiety/depression cycle. I forgive myself more easily because i know that is part of the self love i have been missing out on lately. Congrats on the cooking thing..so many guys i know can barely boil water. So i love to see when one takes on this new challenge. Hugs!

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    1. Never to late to learn as they say. Now if someone can just clean up all the dishes afterwards I’ll be set!

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  3. Good morning Dwight! Your meal looks sooo good! A lot of my clients have used Hello Fresh until they got the hang of things and then stopped using it. One particular client is a farrier and had no kitchen experience. Really helped him get a jump start in the kitchen!
    I haven’t done any of my exercises this week. My job keeps me on my feet all day and I’m fizzled out when I’m done working and in between dinner making. I may change to days off working out.
    Miss Daisy is super cute and also looks super comfy!
    Hope you have a kick ass week! I plan on it although I feel kinda tired this morning for some reason. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. Thanks, Jackie. I’m a bit tired today too. Hoping this coffee will crank me up a couple notches. Saw some friends yesterday hadn’t seen in years which was wonderful, but it’s also very exhausting being an introvert. I usually have to workout right in the morning or it doesn’t happen. Going to bed early and getting up a bit earlier helps for sure. Try to get some rest my friend 😊

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      1. I can totally feel ya on gatherings and being an introvert. Before COVID I always hosted family gatherings here and it really whipped me out! ( even with family )
        You have the key 🔑 and that’s working out in the morning. I went to bed early last night and I’m waiting for a cake to cool for my daughters 17th birthday tomorrow and I’m headed right to bed! 😴 I did purchase a new kind of coffee to try for morning! That always motivates me! Hope you are sleeping well Dwight! ( I think you’re behind me time wise…) I always appreciate your comments! ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

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  4. Oh, my sister loves Hello Fresh, so I’m glad to see a meal!
    And hugs to Miss Daisy!
    I keep a calendar on my refrigerator where I post my daily weight, calories and exercise.
    I also write down my food.
    Helps me, but I’m a list maker person!

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  5. I am impressed with your persistence, Dwight. I hope with time your routines will feel like a present to yourself, rather than a chore.

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  6. Miss Daisy is adorable! And Hello Fresh sounds like a great way to learn to cook. 🤗

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  7. If I don’t do yoga in the morning it doesn’t happen either and def relate to the off days! I think we need them but as long as we keep trying then that’s ok! I took 3 1/2 years to get through a 12 week exercise programme for riders! Stop start repeat etc but I still got a lot out of it and I’m doing the same with phase 2 now. Keep going you’re doing great! Ps – miss daisy is adorable! 😘😘

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    1. Thank you so much😊


  8. I always wondered what you did for a living – sounds pretty technical 😯. I hope you enjoy it, challenges and all.

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  9. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    Love your attitude of perseverance. I’ve been struggling mentally lately and can’t seem to do the things I feel I need to do on a consistent basis…something always slips. Trying to figure out the balance between being kind to myself and holding myself accountable, if that makes sense… I think you should keep going with this project, even when you don’t feel like it…that’s what I’ve been telling myself about writing, working out, cooking, eating healthy, prayer/meditation time. If some things slide sometimes, that’s ok, but then for me the risk is falling out of the routine. Anyway, I hope you’re having a great week. Love and light. Xx

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    1. Thanks, Collette. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling mentally lately. “Budgeting” in two slip/human days a week has definitely helped me stay more consistent the rest of the week. Like you said finding a balance is key. Big hugs my friend 🤗

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