Going for it – mortality (Week 19)

The graphic above is inspired by an amazing soul who I came across this week. Her name is Lex and she is a digital nomad who travels the country with her dog Riot living in a cargo trailer. She’s definitely had some life experiences from her husband passing away, to becoming sober, and more. You can check them out on her Blog and YouTube channel.

This week my best friend was rushed to the Emergency Room for sharp shooting pains in his side. I got the txt from his wife and immediately headed over. He has a history of aneurysms in his family so we were very scared. When I got there he had calmed down a bit from thrashing in pain and was pretty high on morphine. Sitting there waiting for the results of the ct scan with his wife, I couldn’t help think how in a blink of an eye life could just end. The physician finally appeared and said they have an answer on what was going on – a kidney stone. Never thought I’d be so happy to hear my friend has a kidney stone. His wife shed tears of joy, since a couple of his relatives had died from aneurysms.

Between that and my son, Bob, getting a blood clot recently, I’m realizing how precious this life is. I spend a fair amount of time fearing this and fearing that and maybe not enough time living 100%. There’s an increased urge to make a big change in my life. Still working through that …more to come hopefully soon.

(Bob is doing well. Blood thinners are starting to work we think. Swelling in his arm has come down a bit. We see the hematologist on Friday.)

Week 19 of 52

I’m not as “on” as I’d like to be on my endeavors, but that’s usually the case between what I come up with in my head to the actual reality of getting it done. I switched over to using the Peloton app which has strength training modules with weights. I’ve been enjoying that and changing things up keeps me from getting bored and also good for the muscles. Each time is a new routine. Cooking is going well. Bob and I are enjoying the fruits of my labor (Hello Fresh) and are always surprised on how tasty the meals come out. When I first started cooking if it called for a whole onion or vegetable I’d only use half thinking that’s way to much. Not anymore though. I’m learning – yum yum. My German is definitely something that slips from week to week. Sometimes I reach the mark, often I don’t. Such is life and the priority we place on things.

Randomness: So blue butterflies have been a thing lately popping into my life from emojis to pictures I’ve come across. Something about this particular shade of blue surrounded by a deep black border that jazzes me! It’s whole inspiration of change, growth, and beauty definitely relates to our journey here. Thinking maybe my next tattoo … : )

From Damon On Road on Unsplash.com

One last thing for my sober heroes…came across this on Instagram

Sending hugs and love to you all,

Dwight 🦋

* For a bit of context for my 52 week challenge check out these links – You did the best you could? and Going for it 52 Week Challenge!

26 responses to “Going for it – mortality (Week 19)”

  1. Great post Dwight and great reminder. We are here for a season and need to make the best of it! Keep up the great work! I’m glad your friend only has a kidney stone even if that’s a difficult situation as well…big hugs

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  2. Glad to hear things are going better for Bob and that your friend will be okay. Kidney stones are not fun! If he is into it, treat him to a bowl of French onion soup. Trust me, it works for flushing out kidney stones. It takes the inflammation down in the kidneys and urinary track so the stones can pass easily. We have it regularly and I haven’t been to emerg for kidney stones in years. 🙂

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  3. Fab post. I’ve been thinking a lot about living and making the most of life recently. I really want to finally make my dream of having a dog come true. My husband is reluctant at the moment and keeps saying ‘one day’ when the time is right. I know it’s a big decision and should not be taken lightly but I am determined to show him we can plan for all the things he’s worried about. Then when he’s happy with the solutions we can go find our dog, not wait until whenever …. but do it now! In the meantime, I have been looking after a friends dog a lot recently and had him over this weekend. It’s made me so happy and more determined it’s the right thing for me. I’m so glad you friend and your son are doing ok. Congrats on the cooking …. Chef Dwight 🤗😊💕

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  4. Love love that last quote. You’re so right on. I think about these things too. We need to live and make the most of this precious life we have. Love and light my friend. 🌟💛


  5. So glad to hear your friend just has a kidney stone, although I hear they are quite painful. Glad the swelling is going down in Bob’s arm and hope his upcoming appointment goes well! I really enjoyed reading this post! It’s really got me thinking too of why I want to take better care of myself. That’s awesome on your cooking and a couple of my clients use Hello Fresh and love making their meals too! Yesterday I made zucchini bread, yum yum! The quote you found on Instagram is spot on for me right now, thanks Dwight and have a kick ass day!!! 😃💪🏻

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  6. Really helpful post, Dwight. I’m sorry to hear of your son’s medical issue and hope all is improving. So glad your friend’s scare was something resolvable. Thank goodness. Yes- sometimes we are hit right in the face with the truth that all we really have is just this moment. Sending hugs! 🤗

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  7. so, i watched one of lex’s videos and thats pretty cool stuff! not something most of us could do, as she actually does explain..some are too young and without means, some are too old and without means. we all do not have successful businesses to sell. BUT understanding that concept beforehand , one can still enjoy the videos and take away from them things we wouldn’t otherwise have thought about. Like when i went on a 3 month binge watching people hiking the Appalachian trail and really thought i wanted to do that. I learned a lot, but in the end realized i would need foot surgery before hand and all of the financial stuff surrounding that and the hike would make it possible in say- 25 years?lol. However, I plan to watch a few more at the very least. Love reading your posts !Always something to chew on!

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    • I’m a big van life follower out on YouTube from Vancity Vanlife to Bob Wells to Lex and more. Not so much all the beautiful fake vanners. I enjoy and can relate to the minimalistic lifestyle and the not living or buying into the “norm” we’ve all swallowed. It seems like a true freedom. I can relate how Lex after losing her husband and getting sober just said fuck it to the rat race. Something I will try at some point. Glad you enjoy the posts and hope you are well, Lovie.

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