Life lessons learned from painting the outside of my house

It won’t get painted by thinking about doing it …like say for the last 4 years. Wishing on a star doesn’t work either, scratch that off your list.

It’s a big job. You just have to get started. You might be a bit nervous on how it’s going to shake out. Always remember you can do it.

Have faith even if that satin shine initially looks to bright. Keep going.

It’s going to get a bit messy. A pair of thin cotton gloves will save you from a lot of scrubbing afterwards.

Take deep breaths when you’re 12 ft up on the ladder, the wind picks up, and it shakes. Hold tight, you’ll be fine.

When you go into the house to grab a quick glass of water after blazing in the sun you can eat last nights cold leftovers from the fridge and won’t die.

Some people will like it. Some people won’t. Some will ask like my old neighbor, Dennis, why did you painted it so dark? Refrain from telling him you’re a dumbass and on top of that you’re a raging lunatic while snarling and glaring at him. No, don’t do that. Pay no attention. Frick them.

When you’re focused on getting it done, other things in your life will temporarily need to slide. The living room floor can be vacuumed eventually.

You will not appreciate what a big job it actual is until after your first day.

It’s not going to be perfect. It will be a hell of a lot better then before though. You’ll get better as you go.

The people you counted on to help may not show up. Keep going anyways.

Others may use a paint sprayer and get done painting their house faster then you. Shrug your shoulders and use the brushes/tools you’ve got at the time.

Let the neighbors laugh when they hear your music and seeing you dancing way up on the ladder. Smile knowing you’re just trying to shake out your shorts that got bunched up in your crotch.

On those days you’re beyond beat, call it. Put the shit away. Take a hot shower and follow it with a nap. Plenty of pillows help (Lovie).

When you’re done, rest. Take a look at what you accomplished. Pat yourself on the back. Celebrate.

As you look out at the improvements you accomplished, you’ll start to notice other items you’d like to improve.

Know just because it looks done it’s never actually done. You’ll always be changing it or be adding personal touches. It will continue to require maintenance.

Smile each day you drive into your driveway. You just improved your “home”.


Dwight 👨‍🎨

20 responses to “Life lessons learned from painting the outside of my house”

  1. Dwight I love the color! It looks awesome and I’m so proud of you! 🙂 Especially enjoy the LOVE sign at the front! Good for you!!! Great post

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  2. It looks amazing! What an accomplishment! 💛🌟

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  3. I love the color too!!!! Looks so awesome! Big kudos to saying frick it to Dennis. I can’t say I would have been able to hold back on that one! 😬🤫 What a great accomplishment, I can’t even imagine painting an entire house. You had me wanting to slap Dennis, to laughing about your bunched up shorts and not dying over cold leftovers, to feeling overjoyed for your accomplishment as well as some tips you learned while painting! I re-did my bathroom last year, and it took me like 7 months. 😆 Anyway, again you did a kick ass, HUGE job and it came out fantastic!! Definitely pat yourself on the back continuously for that! 😍

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    1. Thank you thank you thank you…definitely blew September doing it and September is my favorite month of the year…but it really really needed it. I’m definitely getting out on my mountain bike this weekend. Hopefully I can still catch some colors.

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      1. I sure hope you can catch some colors on your bike! They are just starting to change here. I love certain areas around here in the fall season and always visit those areas! Can’t wait! This weekend my oldest is coming home from college, so I’m excited about that!

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  4. HigherTimesMentalHealth Avatar

    These also sound like great step by step instruction for re-painting my life. It looks beautiful.

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    1. Thank you. You got it! That’s what I was actually going for.😊👍

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      1. HigherTimesMentalHealth Avatar

        *Thumbs up emoji*


  5. Yes to the color!
    It’s beautiful, but then again blue is my favorite color!
    Maybe when I clean the house today I can dance, too!
    Isn’t the fall weather perfect for being outside?
    Hope I can get a walk in later! Or a bike ride, now that my arm and knee feel better!

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    1. Thanks, Wendy. I was a bit surprised to read out here many folks get a bit down in the fall. Fall is definitely my season…now I can escape on some hikes and mtn bike rides.😊

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  6. Looks great, Dwight. Good job!

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  7. That looks great and kudos to you for having courage to get up on that ladder! I agree, a brush is way better than a paint sprayer. Hard work but rewarding – great job!

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      1. What’s new with you?


  8. Fabulous … awesome colour. Love this post too xx

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  9. Looks amazing. Love the ‘love’ seat! ❤️

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