Going for it – over halfway (Week 28)

Keep Going – Keep the Vision!

In an effort to not bore the hell out of you, but also to keep myself accountable, I’m only posting every so many weeks on my 52 week challenge. I’m over half way through and can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. For those who don’t know, my focus is on working out and learning how to cook. I had two other initiatives when I started, but there wasn’t enough why or motivation behind them to continue on a weekly basis. I dumped them. That can be key. I’m at a point in my life when my history has educated me on when to call it.

I feel like I should have something profound to say halfway through, but it’s still a lot of putting my head down and learning as I go. The thing is if I hadn’t committed 28 weeks ago I wouldn’t be this far along. I would of just been wishing and half-assing my way through these goals meaning … not much would of been done. I’m convinced logging everyday is the key. We tend to think we do way more then we actually do. The journal does not lie. There’s no finish line at 52 weeks either. I will wrap up my postings on it out here, but it will continue to be ingrained in my lifestyle.

Week 28 of 52

Chest full of goodness

I was able to do a bit of minimalism and cleaned out this old chest that was full of crap I never used. I called my mom and said hey…would you be upset if I got rid of the afghans you gave me and some other things? She’s like get rid of it! You can’t hold onto everything everyone gives you. SCORE!

I’ve started to slowly uP some of my workout times to twenty minutes. Slow, steady, and consistent is the theme and it’s paying off. I can see muscle gain and everything is getting easier as far as daily movements like squatting down, bending over, getting up…feels like healthy living.

Still overall impressed with Hello Fresh. I have to say many of the meals I’ve made are just as good or better then what I received from restaurants. Chef Hyde, ha… never would of put those two words together, but I’m definitely getting better other then the night I cooked chili with jalapeños and had to open the windows from the aroma. 😁

Peloton: I know I’ve gone on and on about peloton out here, but I highly recommend it to check out for those bored with their workout routines or trying to find an exercise routine that interest’s them. I get it that some people don’t like to exercise, but think again when it comes to the types of activities you can do. Take a look below on some of the options. For the peloton app of $13 a month, it’s definitely worth trying it out for yourself. I don’t own a peloton bike and just use the workout app with dumbbells. And no I’m not getting sponsored and no affiliate links here.

Plenty of options to pick from.
I use the strength category and always find workouts that are a lot of fun and pump me up.💪
The cool thing is you don’t have to repeat the same class if you don’t want to. They are always adding new classes which makes it fresh. Also you can filter down to how long you want the workout to be.
Lastly you pick the difficulty level.
I bought a stand for my iPad that works well. I did just use my iPhone for the first couple of months.

You are so worthy folks, and your health is key to living a full active life. If not NOW – When? You can do it slow and steady.


Dwight 🦋

* For a bit of context for my 52 week challenge check out these links – You did the best you could? and Going for it 52 Week Challenge!

10 responses to “Going for it – over halfway (Week 28)”

  1. Keep up the good work! Great to see that you have found some tools that make keeping healthy and fit easier for you. I used to be too worried about saving money for things like that, but as you say, your health is key to living your life!

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    1. Thanks! We spend so much more money/time/negative feelings living unhealthy every single day it makes my head spin. I appreciate your support.😊


  2. You’re doing so awesome! I never really put together about getting the peloton app even though I don’t own the bike itself! 👍🏻 I petered out on my workout routine however as I am sitting here I am thinking as I get better about my Gray’s passed I should utilize that time to get a workout in, in the mornings. Before it had to be done after work since I didn’t have much morning time to spare. Keep up the great work Dwight and you are so right, we need to invest in ourselves and it will shine onto others! Have a great day!!! 🎯😄

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    1. *my Gray’s passing I meant. I don’t think you can correct after you comment on WP?

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    2. Thank you. Be extra kind to yourself this week. I can only imagine how hard yesterday was. Sending peace, light, and love to you.

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      1. Thank you, seems to hit quite hard tonight. ❤️


  3. Good for you, Dwight! I was so excited about working out with Dan last fall and then this stupid hernia happened. I hate using anything as an excuse but everything I try bothers it and with our hospitals shut down for all surgeries I am nervous doing anything that pulls at it . I can just see see my liver falling out. That would be awkward. 🥺

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    1. Yes very awkward 😁. Hopefully soon you’ll be better. Thanks for the support.

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  4. i am so happy for you and so proud of your determination! So many out there start up and quit as soon as any obstacle or adversity comes along . Sure, there are some very valid reasons for stopping exercise- death for instance, or terminal debilitating illness- but most of the time it’s just a matter of working around the obstacles and finding a way or compromise.It’s also important what you chose to do exercise wise should be ENJOYABLE, or you wont stick with it. That app looks like it gives some great options for those in all skill levels- ty for sharing and keep on keepin on!

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    1. Thank you Lovie. I appreciate your support!


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