Celebrating 3 Years Sober Today

At three years sober, I feel at home with myself. I feel welcomed. I wish this for all of you. For those considering quitting alcohol, Do It! It will be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself.

Dwight 🦋

You are Worthy. You are Intended Here to Shine. I Believe in You!

20 responses to “Celebrating 3 Years Sober Today”

  1. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! 🥳 breathe and enjoy this day!! I love anniversaries I know we keep it in the day – but we make it out of hell to dance in heaven!! I hope it is your best day ever – and I know as my anniversaries come and go each one is sweeter than the last❤️💜❤️this I hope for you as well♥️enjoy Dwight! Be proud you are a walking talking miracle!!

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  2. Congratulations, friend! Three years, is in fact a long time…enough to start to feel normal and at home…better than normal. Extraordinary. So true. The best gift. Hope you do something special to celebrate YOU! Love and light!

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  3. That’s an amazing feat. I myself haven’t drank a drop for about six months now. It’s not as if I was a terrible drinker (but I did polish off a six-pack more days in a week than not), but I felt that it just didn’t serve me anymore, so I just stopped. The feeling of waking up fresh is the best difference ever! Congrats on your journey, and wishing you a lifetime of this!

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  4. Love this!!
    I really feel I am moving towards peace and acceptance with my sobriety now. That has only been a recent shift for me. Congrats to you. Awesome job. Inspiration and light to many ❤️❤️

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