Walking to breakfast

For the last few years, I’ve walked from my house to the Hungry Bear at 6 AM every Thursday for breakfast. It’s 1 mile to there and takes approximately 23 minutes. Often when it’s very cold out or raining, I’ll get asked by Trish, the waitress, if I walked today as I come through the side door turning off my headlamp and shedding layers. Sometimes Bob and Kevin who I meet will ask if I want a ride home. My response is always the same – “A little discomfort can be very good for you!”

Many folks ask why on earth would you do such a thing when the weather is severe or not perfect. Don’t you have an able car in the drive? Right then I just grin knowing no matter what I say they won’t get the whimsical wonders I’ve discovered and even if they do get it they will most likely have an excuse of course on why they couldn’t possibly do such a thing.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I step out my door all bundled up, the darkness and cold engulf me as I look up to a sky radiating with stars. I’m fortunate in one way to live in a town with very few streetlights. My words are always the same, “Good morning, Universe”. It’s a hell of a way to start my day.

I head up the hill and my heart starts pumping and from within I hear – “Morning”. Entering into the neighborhood of pines, Mr. Moon shakes my hand. Reaching the top, I’m rewarded with constellations and a distant planet if I’m lucky. This show is all mine!

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

The cold or the rain don’t bother me. I’m usually well prepared. What it does though is it takes me back. Back to my youth as I tracked to school, not always properly prepared, counting down and reciting all the street names as I cursed the cold, rain, or my parents for not driving me. It takes me back to being drenched and jumping through puddles on the way home or getting excited to being able to go sledding with friends. Time just stops and I remember.

I have gotten spooked from time to time as my light reflects off the eyes of deer next to the road and once I even saw a bear. That will WAKE you up! You just see and experience so much more when you walk. Squirrels and rabbits darting here and there. Flashes of curiosity as you see within a lighted room wondering who’s awake and what their life looks like?

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

Heading back home I’m often graced with spectacular sunrises hitting the surrounding mountains. I can’t help to stop and notice the pinks and reds on the clouds as my heart applauds. I’m grateful for being attuned to the now and being able to experience each season with a front row seat not hiding behind surfaces.

For many of us, we shy as far away as possible to discomfort. It may be time to face some and discover a whole new world on the other side?


Dwight 🦋

24 responses to “Walking to breakfast”

  1. Wowowow such a lovely read, Dwight ! I love walking too, even if it’s cold and rainy. But the 6:00 am part, now THAT’S brave ! 😂 also …. a bear ?!?!? That must have been incredible ! Did it see you too ? Xxx Anne

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    1. I’m not sure if the bear saw me, since I got the hell out of there. He was close to a house as I was walking by …craziness.

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      1. Wooooow 🐻 so lucky ! (And scaryyy)


  2. 100 Percent with you! We walk in the worst weather, and it teaches you. You learn.
    Beautiful. ❤️☕️

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  3. I loved this!! And it reminded me of that book ‘The comfort crisis’! So much to be gained by pushing the boundaries a little! Really lovely to read and I can only imagine how magical it can be (if a little on the cold side!!) 💕💕

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    1. ❤️the cold is good for you …wakes you up and makes you feel alive. I dress accordingly for sure.

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  4. Sounds like a great experience, Dwight. I’m wondering if you planned this on the very first Thursday you went, or did it just evolve this way?

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    1. Hey Becky. It definitely evolved along the way. I had no idea how much I would enjoy and get from the walks when I first started.

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      1. A good example of why we need to be open to trying new things:)


  5. Loved reading this Dwight! Could see you there and feel it with you – so alive! Love and hugs 💕💕

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  6. Wow Dwight this post is just magical! I smiled reading it all….well except the bear part! That must have been scary! Where I live we see deer in our backyard daily and there are bears reported around but I’ve never seen one. Lots of coyotes I’ve seen though! Once Jenna was riding our horse and a coyote appeared. I got scared as I was walking in front of them. Our horse always followed me. I just stood there and he left. Crazy! That mind of yours is infectious!! 😍

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    1. Glad you liked it, Jackie. 😊

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  7. Thank you for this, Dwight. Beautifully written and inspiring!

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    1. Thanks for your support, Emily❤️


  8. This was so cool, Dwight. I, too, now live in a town with very few streetlights and potential wildlife sightings. I love trying to figure out what animal left the paw or hoof prints in the snow in my yard. Your walks sound amazing. Very inspiring!

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    1. Thanks, Leafy. I just love small town living! Hope you are doing well my friend.🤗

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  9. Bears would be a good excuse, but you would miss all the beauty! I am spending time outside with Molly every day but I drive to the store a block away. 😔. I need to change that. 😊

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    1. HA. Here you go. I got this for those one off trips to the grocery store which I can walk too. It’s pretty small so can only pick up a few things but I like that. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J0S019S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1

      I get it though you have some serious icy snowy crud up there right now.


      1. I don’t know what you were sending me a link for but pretty sure it didn’t work as intended. I got an Amazon ad for a couch with a throw blanket on it. 🙄


      2. Could be a good idea in the summer! Thank you Dwight.


  10. Good for you, Dwight. I also feel most alive when I walk outside in the elements, especially as the day awakens.
    Say hi to the Hungry Bear for me–it’s a little too far for me reach on foot.😊

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