Going for it – Chop wood, carry water (Week 4)

For a bit of context for my 52 week challenge check out these links – You did the best you could? and Going for it 52 Week Challenge!

Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.

Zen proverb

No I didn’t become enlightened from eating my chicken pizza last week. Darn!

For me, this is a reminder to not forget the miracles of each day. It has everything to do with the Now. I look to this quote to keep grounded throughout this process by enjoying each step instead of putting my head down and knocking them out week by week.

I’m discovering it’s about looking at your day and daily tasks as more than just mundane steps and starting to take the time to see the flickers of light as they appear and to be thankful. There are so many gifts, but we become blind from never looking uP. Giving proper pauses of silence and shifting from our mind to our heart awakens the whimsical of life! I was definitely reminded of this truth this week.

Week 4

No recipe this week or guitar lessons. I’m human😊

And tomorrow we might not be together

I’m no prophet and I don’t know nature’s ways

So I’ll try and see into your eyes right now

And stay right here ’cause these are the good old days

Carly Simon

Click here to listen: Anticipation by Carly Simon

Sending goodnesses to you all,


6 responses to “Going for it – Chop wood, carry water (Week 4)”

  1. Love that proverb:) Have a good week, Dwight!

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  2. 💯% Love it Dwight!! 💪🏻

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  3. doing it well Dwight. I have been working on the same, recording various information daily for about 6 weeks now..will soon share. I just dont have exact items to put on a 52 week plan. Only one i have atm is eat a piece of fruit every day…lol..its a start.

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  4. Keep up the commitment and “chop”away at what can make the most significant impact on your life 😄❤️

    Food for thought: A very smart person said it’s about seeing progress and improvement over the course of the week because our days will always be up and down.

    I’m certain you’re hitting many things on your list throughout the week❣️🤗

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    1. Thanks, Teri. Great point😊

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