Friday Happy Hour – SOBER!

Nothing like happy hours these days. Just got back from an awesome mountain bike ride! Did plenty of huffing and puffing and sweating all the toxins and shit out of my body. Pretty hard to feel depressed when you’re gasping for air one minute and then zipping downhill through the mossy forest. Stop halfway through for a snack and to smell the pines and then off again!

Get back to the parking lot, load up the bike, take a seat and then crank up some Zeppelin physical graffiti and take a nice long swig of WATER and then out of my mouth is the traditional ahhhh. I look in the mirror and my face is glowing with sweat and at that moment I’m fucking on top of the world.

Get back home and look at the love I have greeting me. Mr BoBo (Boris) is happy to see me. It doesn’t get much better for this simple man. I’m not “qwasted”, didn’t blow all my money, and I’m not worried about what I said or did while I was out.

For all you sober peeps out there on a sober Friday night let’s give ourselves a HELL YA!



7 responses to “Friday Happy Hour – SOBER!”

  1. Hell Ya!!! And hello Mr BoBo xox

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    1. He says hey and sends smooches back🤗


  2. Hell ya! – but without pedaling my butt uphill through a forest. So maybe just Ya!! Glad you had a good Friday Happy Hour, Dwight.

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    1. Thank you thank you🤪😊

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  3. Hell ya! I love that feeling of being on top of the fucking world! Mr. BoBo is sooooo cute!! I just got done doing a workout myself! 💪🏻✔️

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    1. It’s the best for sure! Did a Peloton Core workout this morning and now I’m just chillin feeling good and staring at my broom and dustpan that I should really use on the kitchen floor. I think it can wait a couple of hours while Bo and I go read/nap. Have I ever told you how much I enjoy being single? 🤪 Thanks for all your support Jackie. You’re doing excellent!

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      1. Have I ever told you how much I love your comments? 😃❤️ Did you and Bo get your nap/read? Thank you because I swear, you keep me going! Just heading to bed now. My parents came for dinner, good times!

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