One brick at a time

I became sick and tired of being sick and tired of my life. Something had to change!

– gift from my Soul

Today I want to talk a bit about moving forward in a new direction in your life. To move forward it’s going to take YOU doing the work of putting bricks in place one at a time on your path.

You can read several books for months on how others did it. Once you start one another pops up to read and you quickly switch to it, since it promises it is truly the one and only way. You discover at the end of the book you can go to their how to lay bricks easily in 30 days seminar for only $1999. Or maybe you don’t like crowds so you opt for private coaching sessions to soak in all the knowledge you can. Follow me. Go this way. Yes keep following us. Like. Subscribe. Buy. You are now “Pumped Up” so you come out here on on blogland and create your blog, come up with a super neat name, add a sweet header graphic, and declare your new path.

Then what?

You’re going to need to start laying down bricks and each one is going to be made of gold, but you don’t know that yet and we’re definitely getting way ahead of ourselves. You might be saying I have no time for all that I’ll just buy a path already made or I’ll hire some custom builders to build it to my exact specifications. It won’t work that way my friend and deep down you know this.

Before you can create a new path you must determine where you’re currently at. It most likely won’t be as simple as I’ll stop going this direction and instead I’ll create my path going this new direction. The problem may be that you’ve been on your path for years. It’s the same path many ahead of you have followed and being that this path was just made on dirt, it’s now turned into a trench. The sides are narrow and turning right on your new path will put you face to face with a tall dirt wall. What’s the answer then?

Chad Peltola on Unsplash

You must first climb out!

At this point I can hear you saying this is turning into total nonsense and “I’ll take get of trench easy path for $400, please”. Sorry no dice. So you take what you’ve learned from others and reach for the first rock you see to start pulling yourself up…and it crumbles and you fall back down. You read that using roots can help, so you try that along with grabbing onto rocks and you get farther…but once again you fall. This cycle continues over and over and at this point you’re pissed and you start yelling with anger, kicking the damn side of the trench, and just feel like a failure. Fuck it you say, I’ll just stay down here in the trench with everyone else!

The problem is once the Soul plants the seed you can’t just ignore it. Even if you put your hands over your ears and say la la la la la la la. Eventually you will take your hands off your ears.😀. So you try again and again until one day after falling you’re laying on your back and realize you’ve made it higher up the trench then ever before. Hope has arrived along with new determination. Of course you fall some more, but each time you’re learning techniques that work for YOU and you’re getting higher and higher. You start realizing if you just take your time, go at your own pace, and use the tools you’ve crafted you may just get out!

Sure enough the day comes. You finally see the light from above and can feel the rays from the sun. You pull up one last time and you have arrived. You look around and see new lands to explore and you see for the very first time how deep the trench was behind you. You quickly scatter away from that f’n trench!

Okay. So now what?

It’s finally time to start creating your new path and one thing you’ve definitely learned is it can’t be made on just dirt . You choose bricks. A very wise choice said the three little pigs. You’re excited as you should be so you start quickly mixing the cement and laying down your bricks. You’re in such a hurry you don’t let the cement set up and you try to move forward but you sink. So you backup and wait for it to dry. You try again but now the bricks are all crooked and not level so you trip and fall. The bricks you laid must be pulled up and put down again and again until you’ve mastered it.

This time you remember what you’ve already learned about taking your time and going slow and steady. You put your head down and muscle your way through it brick by brick. You feel the momentum and keep at it over and over. For days you don’t look up because you want to get as far away from that damn trench as you can. Finally you have exhausted yourself. You are spent. You put down your tools and raise your head to see the world you have arrived at. Slowly looking around you can’t believe it!

You have arrived right back next to the trench. How could this be? What gives? You look at the path you created and can now see you built one large circle. Feeling defeated and tired you sit in silence. Another tool you’ve leaned on several times on this journey. As you sit you look out and see the sun setting in the west, you lay your head down on the Earth and watch it getting lower and lower as the splendor slowly fades.

As you’re just about to shut your eyes and rest for the night and it comes to you. You mastered getting out of the trench. You mastered laying bricks for a path, but there was one very important thing you forgot.

As you were moving forward you didn’t look up. You weren’t taking the time to look up and include your heart on the path of moving forward. From within you feel the chills and goosebumps appear. Slowly you smile. Your Soul smiles. A wave of love surrounds you.

Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

…You close your eyes to sleep knowing tomorrow is a new day on your new journey. Brick by brick.

You can do this,


20 responses to “One brick at a time”

  1. Omg Dwight
    It reminded me of the song ‘Rut’ by the killers (which is very meaningful to me as I saw them sing it live just after I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression). The analogy is perfect and this a a wonderful post. Well thought out and so very true. Thank you 🤗 & 💕 & 🌟 xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Claire. So glad it resonated. It just flowed naturally so I got out of the way and rolled with it. I just checked out that song and ❤️ it!! Big warm hugs to you🤗😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    Great post Dwight. Yes, when climbing out of the trench and building your new foundation, never forget to look up. 🌟💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Collette 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! This is such an awesome post! Woo hoo!

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  4. very nice Dwight…as always- positive and on pointe!

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  5. Thank you for this wonderful post Dwight! Very poetically written and some great images of what we’ve all been tackling. Thank you!!

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  6. I love this so much – thank you for your words!

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  7. Oh my gosh! This post is awesome, inspiring, on point, refreshing….love it!! 🎯You write so well and I love reading your thoughts! 😍🤩 Thanks, Dwight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it, Jackie. Thank you😊


  8. That is one amazing post! So perfect. Loved it. 😁❤️

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    1. Thank you, Leafy❤️

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  9. Heartfelt and comforting❣️❣️

    Great reminder that the trench aways seems like the best way because it’s a worn path but that’s usually because people only “think” it’s the right way in lieu of the blood,sweat and tears of doing what’s right, exclusively for our life.

    I love laying “one brick at a time”❣️

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