Going for it – Return to Little Scraggy Loop (Week 10)

You probably don’t remember but over a year ago I wrote a post about my son and I attempting Little Big Ass Scraggy Shitty Loop and me having to call it after only 1 mile and quitting. Well I’m proud to say this past weekend Bob and I completed the whole loop with relatively no problems at all! Yep, I did the little fricker. I guess my workouts and riding is paying off.

I got a lot of comments on my 30 year old rigid bike on the trail. Now a days everyone has bikes with bigger tires and front and rear suspensions. I’m going to get one, but my bike shop said they wouldn’t be back to normal in regard to having bikes “full on” until 2023.

Week 10


Feeling good,


* For a bit of context for my 52 week challenge check out these links – You did the best you could? and Going for it 52 Week Challenge!

9 responses to “Going for it – Return to Little Scraggy Loop (Week 10)”

  1. Excellent, Dwight! That says a lot about your current health and condition.

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    1. Thanks, Becky. It’s definitely been a slow but rewarding progression. If I hadn’t put forth this challenge to myself, Going for it..52 weeks, I’d still be inconsistent with my health wondering why I can’t make any progress. Being accountable in a worthy and loving way does us all well.😊

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  2. Very awesome! I can only imagine the amazing feeling you had when you completed the little fricker!! ( And I love that you referred to it as the little fricker! Cracks me up! ) Really goes to show all you are doing and focused on are paying off! 💪🏻 You are always inspiring me and I love your pictures!! 😍

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    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! I’m definitely on my way. The exercises are starting to add muscles, improve my cardio, and also just as important making me more flexible. Was thinking of you doing your chores outdoors in the mornings and there are definitely many benefits to that. Will have a post coming up on folks like me needing to get out of our climate controlled sedentary lifestyles. Hope you had a nice 3 day weekend 😊.

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  3. Congrats! It is always so good to look back and see how far we have come. 🤗

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  4. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    Congratulations friend! Good for you! It’s great to see progress! Moving in the right direction! 💛🌟

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  5. Congratulations, Dwight. It’s not only the bike that counts, it’s the rider, too. Well done!

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  6. Superb work!! Looks fab ❤️
    I’ve let it all slip recently … fallen into the abyss a little. But I will make a plan to haul myself out. Exercise and healthy diet are my first steps.

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    1. Right on Right on💯💪😊

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