Get outdoors and do something physically hard!!!


I’ve realized for awhile now that there was something about my up Pikes Peak backpacking trips and grueling mountain bike rides that zapped the hell out of me, but also awoke a part of me I couldn’t put words to but knew it created an inner peace I could never duplicate in my normal everyday routines. I recently came across Michael Easter’s book, The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self , that indeed there is something going on when you push yourself way past your physical and mental comfort zone.

Most people today rarely step outside their comfort zones. We are living progressively sheltered, sterile, temperature-controlled, overfed, underchallenged, safety-netted lives. And it’s limiting the degree to which we experience our “one wild and precious life,” as poet Mary Oliver put it.

Michael Easter

We live in and mostly work in comfortable 72 degree inside climates and with a click on a computer we can pretty much get delivered whatever we want. Many of us including myself work at a job where we’re sitting most of the day and we don’t have to put in much physical effort, much less face any risk or “real” challenges, in order to sustain our daily lives.

This has come about in roughly the last 300 years, prior to that life was very hard. We had to hunt for or food, work hard physically, survive predators, and make the best of shelters we could build ourselves from the elements. Our problems back then was daily survival compared to Johnie didn’t get accepted into university, rambling on and on about ex’s, my $30,000 car won’t start,etc …oh and the internet is down. I say all this to get across we’re pretty “new” at living in this current comfort zone.

I certainly don’t want to go back to worrying about my survival each day, but sometimes things just feel off. I often have said it’s a trip living in this world. People seem agitated and depressed more then ever. It’s almost like we’re lost a bit and something is missing in our lives. Our minds, bodies, and spirit are craving that inner flame be lit. If this resonates with you may want to read Michael’s book.

So getting back to the title of this post, I’m suggesting we to get out of our houses, offices, and gyms and push ourselves physically OUTDOORS! I know and respect some can’t physically do this, but many of us can. The only thing that stands in our way is excuses..YAH BUTS….

Some of the benefits of pushing ourselves physically and mentally include becoming:

  • Physically harder
  • Mentally sharper
  • Spiritual sounder
  • Protection from diseases
  • Improved purpose
  • A deeper overall peace

You may just become happier, healthier and more resilient. In my next post, I’ll discuss one exercise that is a great example of this and that most anyone can do called Rucking. It’s perfect for those who don’t like gyms or running.

Going For It,


7 responses to “Get outdoors and do something physically hard!!!”

  1. Sitting at a desk all day was hard on my body. Personally, I would rather be outside moving. That’s my comfort zone. 🙃

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  2. I can’t wait to read your next post! I was just saying to myself how every day is starting to mimic each other lately and it’s getting so mundane. Have to change things up and incorporating a outdoor fun activity that gets me in better shape is just what I need. I’m working longer hours than usual with this summer season but I can’t use that as an excuse. When I stopped the daily drinking I opened up a huge window that I need to manage better. Thanks for your post! 🙌🏻🤩

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  3. Comfort (like security) is a siren, luring us modern folk to a land of slow and easy doom.

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  4. I literally just had an argument with the husband about whether or not to turn on the air conditioning (me: no, him: yes …probably because his daughter complains about everything) …. and jumped on here to read some blogs and decompress….

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  5. I feel like so much is sucky these days when I allow myself to be with it that even though this post makes sense to me, I am not sure if I want to embrace the suck. But I do know that the only way is through it. It’s like there’s a crack in the atmosphere that’s letting out all of these emotions. I think I have to post about it since I could write a post here in your comments. I’m sorry, but thank you for helping me.

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