A Cold Dark Night

I stepped out into the cold dark night all bundled up, reflector vest on, headphones playing Whispering Notes from the Insight Timer app, and was getting ready to put on my headlamp. As I shut the front door and stepped off the stoop, I remember a night probably very close to exactly 6 years ago.

It was just days before leaving the home of my wife and two kids. A night very dark and cold as tonight. It was the period of my marriage ending but still living together. The kids still didn’t know. This period went on for 5 months. Why we put ourselves through that hell I don’t know.

Well really I guess I do. I was hoping and praying we could somehow stay together. Well on that particular night it was late and everyone had gone to bed and I was out in my office in front of the fire slamming beers down one after another trying to escape into the fog. As I kept drinking I cried, I prayed, and basically twisted in emotional pain. My mind kept replaying the heartache over and over and to escape I finally stepped out into the dark cold night with just my coat no hat, gloves, or light and just started walking as I cried. I believe it was a full moon and I can remember it was snowing. I was beyond drunk and just stumbling through the snow for about 5 miles asking God why God why? I somehow made it back home and passed out on the couch. I think a few days later we told the kids and I left.

This movie all played back to me tonight, but tonight I wasn’t the same person. Yes my heart is still broken, but now it’s broken open to receive and give more love. As I was replaying that scene, I remember a word that kept popping up all this week for me – Free will. I thought how hard it must of been that night for God and my guides to watch me fall further and further into the abyss. Even though they had the knowing it was The Way and only way to reconnect with my soul; it’s still must of been deeply hard to watch their child suffer.

As I continued on my walk tonight I gave thanks to Spirit and my Guides for watching over me during this long period of regrowth and helping me shine from within. Tonight I cried again as I walked, but this time it was tears of joy, grace, and complete love. I am not the same man I was back then. I AM now a man with much empathy and love. Free will was the only way this could of come about. There are no shortcuts. Halfway through my walk I stopped, looked up into the stars, twirled around 360 degrees, and asked out loud “remember that night? – look at us now”. At the moment love wrapped me like a warm blanket and I even felt like God and my guides were clapping and we all shared a tear of joy.

As I approached my house and stepped onto my drive, the Whispering Notes music I had selected ended. It was a 1hr 9 minute piece and it finished right when I had RETURNED HOME❤️

When you’re going through those dark night’s of the soul, I get it…it’s hard to see the light at the end. All I can tell you is from my experiences is it’s there. It’s a new joyous light too that will having you giving thanks daily.

Trust Spirits free will. Do the work by finding and opening to your true self and bask in the light here and NOW.

Big hugs,

Dwight, Guides, and God❤️

Your next reads…Marianne Williamson?

So I’m probably way late to the game in discovering Marianne, but hey at least I finally arrived. This isn’t going to be book reviews, but rather more of a for your information post. I started my spiritual journey with Wayne Dyer and was forever grateful for him presenting what I was feeling in my soul into simple words and concepts that I could understand and follow. I ventured out to many other spiritual authors, but always came back to Wayne. The others would get too caught up in holier than thou attitudes that instantly make my middle finger pop up.

Marianne leads me deeper into my spiritual journey where Wayne left off. I’ve known for the last few years that Love is my “thing” that deeply resonates within my soul and bubbles up. Marianne has shown me why and is helping guide me further along.

Some items I highlighted from A return to Love:

The perfect you is the love within you.

We’re like the spokes on a wheel, all radiating out from the same center.

Go for the light and darkness will disappear.

But God doesn’t need us to police the universe. Shaking our finger at someone doesn’t help them change.

asking that they be used as instruments through which the world is healed.

Few people have wronged us like we’ve wronged ourselves.

I’ve just started reading The gift of change. Here’s some items I highlighted so far:

when you’re worried about whether the human race is going to survive the next century, it feels odd to mention it at lunch.

The darkness is an invitation to light,

The world we see reflects the people we’ve become, and if we do not like what we see in the world, we must face what we don’t like within ourselves.

Okay. I’m done writing about my crush on Marianne. I have a pretty good vibe on our little posse here on WP, and believe you’ll find these books enlightening.

*** One thing I missed when I first published***

Pretty darn interesting fact! She ran for President in 2020!! Thank you, Rox, for the reminder😊

Sending peace and much love,


Love remains

I can’t help sense that behind everything is Love. There is no science I can point to just an innate knowing.

This sense of something . I believe we all feel it at times. To me, the bravest thing we can do is not give into fear, but instead allow love to take form within us and give it away daily to ALL.

I know it is very discouraging with all that is going on in the world and with mankind. I truly feel though, we have an opportunity to grow upwards and evolve if we just reconnect to the intention of Source.



Our highest self

I’m realizing as I write out my thoughts a little context goes a long way. Many of you who read my blog battle with depression as I do. My hope is this post surrounds you all with light and helps you get through some of the storms. I post this only with the goal of sending love to all and mean no disrespect to anyone’s faith.

No matter what I label myself.

No matter what others label me.

At my core I Am God. I am infinite love.

As I repeat these words, I AM GOD, peace overcomes me and I welcome back my highest self.

I hope this helps someone as it has me,