*Disclaimer – I’m not a doctor, and didn’t spend the night in a Holiday Inn Express. Use common sense and do what works for you and your body.

I’ve only learned about rucking in the last few weeks, but so far from what I’ve experienced I’m totally jazzed! I heard it described as an activity for those who dislike running and gyms, but still want to incorporate cardio and strength training into their fitness.

RUCK•ING [VERB] // Walking with a weighted rucksack (aka backpack). It implies action, energy, and purpose. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character — and builds it, too. (

Rucking is walking with a loaded backpack – and not just in the woods! “Ruck”, short for “rucksack”, is military slang for a backpack. This is a cheap, simple exercise that burns calories and builds aerobic endurance due to the added weight. (

Rucking is a workout that involves walking while carrying a weighted rucksack/backpack. Sometimes referred to as ‘foot marching‘, Rucking is a workout that improves your cardiovascular system and strengthens your muscles. (RuckForMiles)

Benefits of rucking:

  • burn 3x more calories compared to walking
  • build strength, resistance training for your back, shoulders, gluten, legs
  • improves posture
  • elevates your heart rate
  • clear your thoughts
  • improves sleep
  • socialize with a go ruck club
  • affordable
  • outdoors
  • anyone who can walk can ruck
  • less stressful on knees then running
  • improves balance and stability
  • inexpensive to start

How do I do it?

  • Get a rucksack (backpack)
  • Put weight inside it. Start low and work your way up
  • Synch rucksack tight so it sits high on your back
  • Start walking

My experience so far

As I mentioned in previous posts, I found that I always experience a rush from mountain biking after pushing myself beyond discomfort. There is no faking it while going up steep elevation gains on a bike. Afterwards I’d be spent, but I totally felt “flushed” out of all the crap mentally and physically within and an overall peace would reside. When I stumbled upon Rucking I thought hey this could be another activity that would be similar to that same experience. Now I don’t want to scare you away from Rucking in regard to the discomfort. You should go at your own pace, not over do it, and build up gradually. I started off with a basic backpack and put in a 10 pound dumbbell and took off walking. I notice some bouncing of the weights, so I ended up buying a “ruck plate carrier” as shown below and purchased 10,20, and a 30 pound plate. You don’t have to do that though. Start cheap to see if you like it first.

I know I’ve been preaching a lot lately about getting outdoors and experience some physical discomfort. It’s done wonders for me in regards to removing depression, slowing down the negative internal chatter, and lit a fire within…a giddy excitement as cheesy as that may sound. At this point, you’ll just need to go try it to understand.

rucking heading uP
rucking looking DOwn



9 responses to “Rucking”

  1. Good for you, Dwight. But I have to admit that I like to load my rucksack with my tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag and go rucking with a destination. 🙂

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    1. Definitely 😊. These little rucking hikes definitely help for those great excursions into the back country.

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  2. Looks like fun but I don’t seem to exercise well these days. 🙄


  3. Very cool! I can see how the ruck plate carrier would be more comfortable to wear and walk with than a backpack! I totally love this picture of you and how happy you are! I’m drinking some coffee, going to feed my horse and then do my little workout. Been going good with it this week! Thanks for keeping me motivated!! 💪🏻

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  4. Looks good Dwight. I am listening to the book you suggested on audible ‘The comfort crisis’ … I absolutely love it. Really interesting and I’m motivated to make some changes in my life and my focus. Thanks for the recommendation xxx

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  5. Wow Dwight! This is an inspirational post and you know what got me most? The phrase “giddy excitement” which didn’t sound cheesy at all! It sounded wonderful and made me smile! Good for you!! So proud of you!

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  6. I have to say, right after I read this article a few months ago, I swear I saw you “rucking” down our road! I was setting in the front yard, and I saw a bike with someone who looked just like you, with a backpack, riding past our house.

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    1. Hello my beautiful Rox 😊! Haven’t made it over that way in a long time but am definitely still rucking around town. Hope you and Jim are doing well❤️

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