Where are you headed?

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Lao Tzu

I’ve been thinking about this very question lately. It’s actually exciting having these thoughts and knowing I’m in control over how I want to live, feel, and where I want to go.

How about you?

For so many years it wasn’t always this way for me. I tossed myself here and there. Yes, I did it to myself.

Finding Freedom

Being free is huge! It’s hard to be free though when you’ve hidden in bed with the blankets pulled up tight and a pillow over your head and eyes closed as tight as can be.

It’s hard to be free when you’ve sat on the sidelines most of your life with fear as you’ve watched others get out of their comfort zone, push themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally to live their life to the fullest.

It’s hard to be free when you’re so far in debt that the golden handcuffs are on and you’ve given up hope of ever finding the key.

It’s hard to be free when your heart is crushed and you watch your whole world crumble.

It’s hard to be free when you have to drink more and more alcohol each night to escape your shitty life.

And it’s hard to be free when you start believing all the frickin EXCUSES you’ve made on why you ended up this way.

Yep been there, did all that. Looking where I was heading wasn’t even a thing. Hell I wasn’t even on a damn path. I was just stagnant floating on a small lily pad in a yucky yucky pond.

There is always hope though! We can change!!!


Pencil on a scratchpad of where your life is currently headed?

Think about financially, physical health, mental health, happiness, growth, adventures, relationships, love,…or whatever’s important to YOU.

Write it down.

What would you like to erase from that list of where you’re currently headed? Do it! Actually erase them or cross them out. You are not your past.

Now write down where you want to be for each and what ACTIONS you can do NOW that will start slowly moving you in that direction.

These are your new required lifestyle changes. Immerse yourself into this. Find, follow, and read about others who have found success in these areas. Broadcast to the universe your intentions.

You must also realize once you make these changes there is no getting to a point and stopping…hence new lifestyle. If you stop, know you’ll be back at the pond.

You weren’t meant to just get by. You were intended to light uP this beautiful life. To run, jump, skip, fall, hum, laugh, cry, win, fail… and love big till your last breath. You are your own hero!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

What’s around your next corner?

Dwight ❤️

7 responses to “Where are you headed?”

  1. I kind of like where I am at the moment😉. But the road in your photos look like the one we took this week on our little road trip. 🥺

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    1. That’s good to hear, Anne😊

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  2. gr8ful_collette Avatar

    This is a great question to give some serious thought to. I can say that often I get so immersed in the day to day living that I don’t take the time to intentionally carve the path to my future. Now that I’m free, where am I going? Thanks Dwight! Love and light to you. 🌟💛

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    1. It’s definitely been on my mind lately. You’re so welcome, Collette😊

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  3. So important to get clarity on where you want to go, otherwise there is no motivation to take even the smallest step! I also try and ask myself ‘why’ five times to get to the bottom of where I truly want to be, and not just stop at the superficial vision.

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    1. Great advice, Charlie! Thanks for reading and your comment.


  4. I like this idea. I am struggling so much with where I am heading and where I want to be. It’s a bit muddy right now. Hoping for some clarity soon ⭐️💕

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