End of an era

My baby girl is on her way to Hawaii to attend the university of life. Yesterday was a very tough day saying goodbye. Even though it is exactly what she needs now, I had many tears. Close to 19 years of always being home. Always being right here. Like I’ve said in the last post though, there’s always a morning after.

I remember being 18, just joined the Army, and sitting on a plane flying over to Germany. I had a couple of tears in my eyes back then wondering what I got myself into and already missing everyone back home. But oh what adventures I had! I told Allie it’s normal if you get those feelings but power on. It will be so worth it.

So it’s an end of an era with daddy’s little girl. I won’t see her daily anymore. It’s also a big reminder that at 54, I’m moving along in life too. Treasure everyday my beautiful friends!

It’s a frickin trip,

Dwight ✌️

*Think I’ll go read Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss😊

Love remains

I can’t help sense that behind everything is Love. There is no science I can point to just an innate knowing.

This sense of something . I believe we all feel it at times. To me, the bravest thing we can do is not give into fear, but instead allow love to take form within us and give it away daily to ALL.

I know it is very discouraging with all that is going on in the world and with mankind. I truly feel though, we have an opportunity to grow upwards and evolve if we just reconnect to the intention of Source.





I posted this out on my Instagram page last year. As many of you know, I have quite the history with my dragon.

This dragon isn’t being sent to me from beyond.

It’s coming from within.

Sometimes it’s the only way my soul can get my attention.

Each time I’m forced to battle, I get stronger.

Our soul is quite the teacher.

You were intended here by a Great Spirit.

Call it what you will.

Your freedom is that you are Perfect – Whole – Complete


Mr. Hyde

The dragon is back.  Currently noise and triggers within my mind is winning.  Any breeze can toss me about with ease. A comment, a tone, an image, feeling,…be whatever strikes with intense precision brining me to my knees. Think Harry Potter with death eaters or dueling wands. Except I don’t even raise my wand.

It’s not a fun place to be. Shocked, offended, and surprised. There’s nowhere to run and hide, since everyone is pointing me out…or that’s how it seems.

If I could just reach my soul, I know I’ll have a chance.

…Depression just sucks. I thought I’d share my current spell with others just to let you know you’re not alone. I usually write about this after the fact when I kicked it’s ass, but thought being vulnerable and open may help me through and others. It feels so low and very cold where I can barely move in fear it strikes again and again.

Playing events out in my mind shine clues of how I’ve arrived here again. My defenses were nil – why – given my past ..no clue.

Writing it out helps connect some dots. No cries of poor Dwight please..that isn’t this intent.

The dragon is quiet. It’s time to form a new plan.

A huge voice is screaming don’t publish this you fool. You’re not anonymous! Another small faint  voice says go ahead.

Being alive

I’m in the clouds looking down on earth

Or somewhere else just remembering

Either way I’m not here

But I remember being alive

Not general life things

But being alive things

Like peddling my mountain bike for twenty minutes on a steady gradual uphill and finally taking a break

Setting down my bike

Taking off my helmet

Laying in the grass

Hearing the birds chirp

The trees sway

Staring at the big blue sky

As my lungs slowly stop burning

I catch my breath

I think this thought and smile

I once was alive